Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where's the line between sexism and chivalry?

If the fight for equality is so that all people are seen as and treated as equals, does chivalry poke at this at bit?  Would this be considered a crack on the glass?  I was unexpectedly presented this question given the topics of our class, when I came across an MSN article speaking on the incident surrounding the cruise ship Costa Concordia that occurred earlier this week.  It's a great question that they've brought up which I expect would give people reason to consider their position.  Though I have every belief and instinct that children should always be placed first in line to safety, and I myself would expect to have my wife ahead of me (less to do with sexism, more to do with caring) as I'm sure most people would have their loved ones.....Does the tradition of women first in the case of an emergency mesh with the ideals of feminism?  I know that the orderly fashion plan is now common in such instances, but it seems that the traditional form of ladies first is still a popular expectation.  I would be interested to hear what everyone thinks. 


  1. nice!...your title automatically drew me in Shennan and the questions you have asked are very interesting. I have to say, this would be a very good topic to raise in class.

  2. very interesting question! bring this up in class!

  3. Thanks Vanessa and Eva. I really would like to hear what everyone might have to say on the topic. Given that we're looking at the last class meeting though, I'll have to play it by ear.