Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Intro Summary

I'm an undergraduate senior cramming my last number of courses in order to make graduation by May '12.  If unnecessary, I wouldn't plan to take an early Spring course, but as it is necessary in order to meet a credit requirement I find that I am excited to test myself over the next three weeks.  I am a Sociology major and I see how significant the subject of feminism relates to my study focus of people and behavior.  If I wasn't taking an early Spring course, I would be taking every opportunity I can afford to take out the snowboard and get some fresh, cold air.....I will still attempt to fit in a day or two if at all possible.  I am excited to gain greater knowledge and insight throughout the rest of my remaining time in school. 


  1. Where do you snowboard around here? I've always gone up to new Hampshire but it's too far a drive for a weekend trip

  2. Wachusett Mtn. in Princeton Mass is perfect for a day trip. If you haven't been there, it's not a big mountain, but it's well maintained and has a some pretty nice runs. I used to hit Camelback in PA for day trips, but since moving to RI it's not worth it anymore. Wachusett's better anyway. I've hit Gore Mtn. upstate NY, and Waterville in NH for weekend trips but that gets pricey.